We Write the Content Other Agencies Won’t Can’t


Okay — so we write great long-form content. Really. And our approach is simple: We do the work. That means that if our content kings aren’t already experts in your industry or field, they become experts, sprinkling in a dose of marketing science and a heap of word wizardry for good measure.

Bottom line — if you’re just looking for someone to throw a few 10-dollar words onto a PDF template, try Upwork. But if you need smart content to dazzle highly specific audiences, you want TTC Marketing Company.



Pick Your Long-Form Content Poison…


White Papers & eBooks


Do you need to educate a target audience about a process or solution? Well, we could throw down some buzzwords and research a few trends and call your audience “educated,” or we could discover what makes your audience tick, learn your subject matter inside and out and craft an insightful piece that inspires readers to take action. Which do you prefer?


Insights Articles


Are you looking to reveal a groundbreaking new idea or concept to a highly specific sub-set of your market? Not only will we help you articulate your concept to the world, but we’ll also apply a seasoned marketing lens to help sharpen your message so it cuts through today’s maelstrom of content and hits the mindshare bullseye.


Technical Guides


Do you need to explain the nuts and bolts of a highly technical product or solution? Like we said, if we aren’t already experts in your field, we become experts, so no matter how in the weeds your subject matter gets, our word wizards will parachute in with machetes and survival gear to deliver technical content that is clear and smart.



Skip Ahead to Start a Conversation


We get it — this page gives you a lot to ponder. But, if you’re ready to cut to the chase and have a conversation about how we might apply to your unique business needs, drop us a note and we’ll reach out promptly.



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