Predictive Lead ScoringÖItís So Hot Right Now


For practitioners of marketing automation and funnel-based marketing, lead scoring is a hot topic. It seems great: you can track Suzy the second she lands on your site. You see she has downloaded a white paper and hovered over your contact button, so she must be a good lead! Multiply this by 10k, and this is what lead scoring essentially does. Lead scoring helps ensure sales teams are only working the most sales-ready leads.


Customers make 80% of their buying journey before interacting with a salesperson.


If you believe all the tech companies out there, lead scoring is best thing since sliced bread. Along with its popularity comes many misconceptions. While itís useful to reach a lot of objectives, it only resolves a certain set of problems, like aligning marketing departments more closely with sales and measuring results of campaigns..



Yes, Technology Can Help


Yes, online tracking and analytics packages provide sales and marketing teams the intelligence to better understand and serve potential customers. By monitoring and interpreting prospectsí online behavior, marketing can provide insights into the buying cycle that had been previously unavailable.



However, Technology Is Not Everything


Lead scoring utilizes marketing automation systems that are designed to scale-up marketing. However, it canít serve up foolproof leads. It canít provide the messaging needed to get prospects to bite, either.


Rising Awareness of Lead Scoring


This is driving a mindset that it is a must-have solution for every businessís sales and marketing alignment efforts. While it is a viable approach for optimizing marketing efforts, lead scoring can just as easily have little impact and waste valuable time and resources if applied unnecessarily or incorrectly.  At a higher level, the first thing organizations need to do is understand whether they need lead scoring at all..


Skip Ahead to Start a Conversation


We get it ó this page gives you a lot to ponder. But, if youíre ready to cut to the chase and have a conversation about how we might apply to your unique business needs, drop us a note and weíll reach out promptly.



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